MFG Tray is dedicated to developing innovative new products for confectionery manufacturer and finding new solutions to customer challenges in the process. Kennedy’s take a look at its latest developments.

MFG Tray is dedicated to finding the best solutions by continuing to innovate and develop new products. MFG’s goal is to provide some of the best products and to overcome customer challenges.

MFG’s composite materials can be used in ventilated drying trays, mogul starch trays, gum trays, holding and work-in-progress trays in a variety of designs and sizes. 

MFG’s Internationally Patented X-DTect™

One of MFG’s latest offerings is the X-DTect – a new internationally patented composite material made from high-strength glass-reinforced composites specifically formulated for X-ray detection. It provides X-ray detection capabilities and has also been labelled “best practice” for contamination detection. Thanks to this innovative new material, production line inspection can be detected down to 1 cubic millimetre. It provides the maximum reliability in production management along with total product recall prevention and product protection.

Introducing MFG LITE

The company has also recently launched MFG LITE, with the composite material being 25% lighter than standard fiberglass, while retaining MFG’s trusted strength and durability. LITE material was developed to meet customer demand for a sustainably lighter container that can withstand continuous industrial use.

The NEW MFG Lab Tray

MFG is now delivering an 18” x 18” (457mm x 457mm) lab tray; applied specifically as a replacement for wood lab trays.  These lab trays have been successfully put into operation in lab depositors for confection production.

Coming soon…

Currently, MFG Tray is developing a lighter weight composite starch tray design that will be an overall solution for confection manufactures.

MFG Tray’s Dedication

MFG Tray knows that material matters when it comes to material handling. Which is why it has grown to become a leading manufacturer in products from trays and boxes to containers and totes, that combine outstanding performance and long service life.

Continuous development of customised solutions for specific material-handling challenges and applications is the company’s speciality, which is why MFG’s fiberglass trays are creating significant cost savings for confectionery manufacturers.