Managing Director of Schubert UK, Mark Stepney, has won the current election to represent the British Association of Robot Automation (BARA) on the Processing and Packaging Machine Association (PPMA) board.

The PPMA is an umbrella organisation representing over 550 member companies and has become a strong voice of the processing and packaging machinery industry in the UK. It also owns, coordinates and organises one of the largest and most successful industry exhibitions in the UK.

The PPMA Board vote to appoint Stepney was ‘unanimous’ and, according to Schubert, “represents a strong industry endorsement of Schubert’s reputation as the world’s leading expert in packaging technology”. He will be appointed to the PPMA board for an initial two-year term.

Mark Stepney, who is looking forward to his new duties as a PPMA board member, said: “The PPMA is not only a focal point for expertise, information and customised training programmes in our industry. It is also highly influential when it comes to partner organisations working with the UK government and public.

“Therefore, my focus will be on raising awareness of the importance of innovative robotics technology in packaging automation – in other words, BARA’s profile – to the outside world. I’m only too happy to use my 30 years of experience and expertise in the field to achieve this.”

Last year, Mark was recognised for his longstanding commitment to the BARA association, where he has since held a position as a council member. BARA specifically promotes the use of industrial robots and automation in UK industry and supports their advancement. The association also represents the interests of its British member companies overseas as a partner of the International Federation of Robotics.