Tate & Lyle has announced the launch of its new Nutrition Centre designed to increase awareness of evidence-based science for ingredients. Kennedy’s explores.

The Tate & Lyle Nutrition Centre is a new digital hub that offers easy-to-access science on ingredients that can help address public health challenges.

It has been created with the aim to increase awareness of evidence-based science for ingredients including low-and-no calorie sweeteners and dietary fibres, and their role in a healthy, balanced diet.

The new hub provides expert insights, research and educational tools for food and beverage companies, scientists and health professionals.

The website will provide pre-clinical and clinical research conducted or supported by Tate & Lyle scientists, which are often carried out with leading universities across the globe, providing key scientific evidence about Tate & Lyle’s ingredients and its impact on gut health, blood glucose management, metabolism, gut microbiome, weight management, bone health, and overall health.

In addition, the hub will house white papers, articles and events on different nutrition topics like glycemic response and synbiotics, the science around how ingredients relate to health, and diet trends such as sports nutrition, and keto and low-carb diets.

Finally, site visitors will be able to access external research, nutrition guidelines, and advice, initiatives and developments published by global authorities in the area of nutrition and health such as the World Health Organization.

The Nutrition Centre was developed by Tate & Lyle’s Global Nutrition Team which drives the Company’s science research programme and supports food and beverage companies from its bases in the UK, US, Brazil and Singapore.

Dr Kavita Karnik, Global Head, Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs at Tate & Lyle, commented: “With global obesity and diabetes rates rising, there is a great deal of interest from industry, governments, and the health and science communities in food and beverage ingredients with proven health benefits, such as weight management and gut health. Scientific knowledge around ingredients continues to grow, with exciting emerging research pointing to additional health benefits, such as the role some fibres can play supporting immune system function and metabolic health.

“With our new digital Nutrition Centre, we have made it easier for our customers and the wider industry, as well as peers in the nutrition and science world, to access high-quality research content that informs product development, adds to the evidence-base, and supports healthy living.”