Chocolate brand Tony’s Chocolonely has announced that it is backing the Better Business Act which calls for companies to take ownership of their social and environmental impact.

Tony’s Chocolonely has announced that it is supporting, stating that it’s “time to act”.

The Better Business Act is supported by hundreds of UK companies and aims for a legislative “sweet solution”, which, in other words, is an amendment of Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 that will make companies legally obligated to operate in benefit of all stakeholders. This includes workers, customers, communities and the environment, while delivering profits to their shareholders.

In a statement, Tony’s Chocolonely, explained that the company believes that social businesses should be “the norm, not the exception” and that all companies should “balance purpose and profit and operate in favour of the communities they serve”.

For Tony’s Chocolonely, acting responsibly in favour of a better world means addressing inequalities in cocoa head-on, whilst looking after all people and minimising impact on the planet. The chocolate brand outlined the few ways in which the company has been doing this:

1. The brand aims to show that chocolate can be made differently with its five sourcing principles, which have been made an open source through Tony’s Open Chain, meaning any chocolate company can do the same.
2. Its three-pillar roadmap to make all chocolate 100% slave free is closely aligned to the UN’s Sustainability Goals

3. The chocolate brands states: “we are crazy about chocolate and serious about people – the cocoa cooperative partners we trade with, our chocolate fans, our retail partners and of course Team Tony’s”.

4. Tony’s Chocolonely is carbon neutral and are always seeking new ways to reduce its impact on the planet whether through packaging, carbon offsetting or reducing emissions by making its cocoa butter in Ivory Coast instead of Belgium.