EXBERRY® Coloring Foods supplier GNT Group is highlighting the possibilities of its micronized powders by adding a new beetroot-based pink shade to its range.

Made from beetroot and carrots grown by GNT’s own farmers, the new product is pH independent, offers good light stability and has a 24-month shelf life below 25⁰C.

GNT offers a variety of micronized powders that aim to maximise the visual intensity of colour shades in certain applications. This is in addition to its liquid, powder and oil dispersible colouring foods.

According to GNT, due to their reduced particle size, these specialised colouring foods can create a “homogeneous colour effect in solid mixes such as instant beverages and desserts, pressed tablets, and seasonings for chips and snacks, as well as for chocolate decoration and compound coatings”.

The EXBERRY® Micronized Powder range already includes yellow, red, purple, blue, green and pink shades.

Sonja Scheffler, Product Manager at GNT, said: “EXBERRY® Micronized Powders were developed to deliver optimal performance in applications such as solid mixes, where they can achieve more vibrant colours at lower dosage levels compared to standard powders. With the launch of our stunning Fiesta Pink micronized powder, manufacturers can now choose from an even wider range of shades.”