A golden year – the year that Chocolate Torres was born in Spain and the Tunnock’s factory was started in Glasgow – Kennedy’s Confection was founded. At this time it was called Confectionery News and was founded just three years after the invention of Coca-Cola by John Pemberton in the United States. Kennedy’s Confection today is one of the oldest trade magazines in the world.


The kennedy family started a business, J G Kennedy & Partners and bought the rights to Confection News from Maclaren and changed its name to CMM (Confectionery Manufacture & Marketing)


The company changes its name to Kennedy’s Publications Ltd and the magazine continues as CMM.


The company rebrands CMM magazine and changes its name to Kennedy’s Confection.


The London Chocolate Forum is Launched, an annual industry conference and event for chocolate producers to meet, network and do business. In 2015, the London Chocolate Forum became one of the fastest growing events in the food industry and the largest conference in the chocolate industry in the world.


Datateam Media Group acquires Kennedy’s Publications Ltd

The acquisition saw Datateam take over Kennedy’s Confection, in addition to its sister title, Kennedy’s Bakery Production, and all associated websites, including the annual London Chocolate Forum. Datateam will invest heavily in the brand, not just print but in the websites, digital products and events.