Mars Wrigley has formed a two-year partnership with Danimer Scientific, a leading developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials to develop home compostable packaging for a more sustainable planet.

Mars will leverage the company’s portfolio of treats and snacks to enable consumers to compost at home, working together with consumers and supply-chain partners to support a healthy planet. The first brand Mars will introduce is Skittles in the U.S ­– enabling consumers to enjoy environmentally friendly treats.

Mars plans to introduce Danimer Scientific’s signature packaging, Nodax® polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), which is produced through natural fermentation processes using plant oils such as soy and canola and biodegrades in both soil and marine environments.

The aim of this collaboration is new, biodegradable packaging for various Mars brands, starting with smaller and single packs that are more likely to be littered and typically less likely to be recycled.

The impact of plastic on nature is one of the major sustainability challenges of our generation. There are no simple solutions and transformational innovation is necessary, we have to think and act differently,” said Alastair Child, Mars Wrigley VP of Global Sustainability.

“Collaborating with Danimer to advance this breakthrough technology represents a major step to creating positive societal impact and better environmental outcomes across the full lifecycle of small, flexible packaging.”