New research by NOMO – a UK vegan and free from chocolate brand – has found that a quarter of Brits have tried or plan to try Veganuary – with a fifth doing so this year.

The findings conclude that also that the number of Brits who are considering going plant-based this January has doubled since last year.

However, seven in 10 Brits still feel they could not consider trying Veganuary with half saying it was because they enjoy meat too much to give it up whilst a third worry that they would miss out on too many foods.  Meat followed by cheese and then chocolate are the items the nation would miss most.  

Of the plant-based alternatives for these, the appetite for vegan chocolate grew most. Brits were 38% more likely to try it this January than last – with one in five picking up a bar.

Whereas the number of Brits trying vegan alternatives for meat and cheese grew 19% and 21% respectively. 

According to the vegan chocolate brand, this is reflected in NOMO’s sales – last year the brand sold a mammoth 297.9 tonnes of chocolate, the equivalent weight of 24 double decker busses to help it record 52.8% growth in sales since 2020.   

To help all those following a vegan diet this January, the confectionery giant has also put together its top choc choices to help ease cravings for some much-needed indulgence.   

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