This week sees two marshmallow SKUs from Freedom Confectionery, owners of plant-based marshmallow brand Freedom Mallows, appearing on shelf in Booths after the company took sales back in-house and appointed new team members.

Freedom Confectionery specialise in producing plant-based free-from marshmallows and sweets that are ‘as inclusive as possible, but still taste fantastic’. They have been operating since 2013, but until now have largely focussed on food service and bulk business, where they have found success and built a trusted reputation with household brands within the ice cream, baking, hot beverage topping and QSR sectors.

Whilst ingredient sales will remain a key part of their business, Freedom Confectionery are excited by their latest retail listings, which includes Booths (who have launched a large marshmallow called Vegantic Mallows and a mini marshmallow, ideal for hot chocolates and baking) and Ocado. The new listings are being supported by new team members, including interim marketing director Andrew Helme. Andrew brings with him a broad depth of knowledge from his work with a plethora of different companies, from Ann Summers to Jones Bootmaker. Also coming into the fold is business development executive Julie Black, previously a senior buyer with Suma Wholefoods and head of operations for Love Raw. Carolyn Boyd brings over 20 years of retail experience to the mix, having worked with numerous confectionery companies in the past, including Choconchoc, Holdsworth Chocolate and Bonbons.

A marketing campaign is being launched to support the new listings, through New Chapter Marketing & PR, and Freedom Confectionery feel this is the start of an exciting period of growth for them.

“It’s been a tough time for most in our industry recently, but as first-to-market innovators of plant-based  marshmallows we’ve also had to deal with a number of imitator brands appearing of late. What’s particularly exciting about our new listings though is that it’s more than just our core marshmallows that are being listed. Our full range, including gummies and mallow bars, are now being taken, which gives us confidence that people believe in what we’re doing. We’re excited for the year ahead and unveiling more NPD in September,” said lvin Willgrass, Sales Director.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal