Feel those summer vibes when you taste the two nuovo recipes from Hackney Gelato – Sicilian Lemon Sorbetto and Cappuccino Gelato – presented in 100ml handheld tubs, proudly made to bring you a little taste of Italy infused with the buzz of East London.

Hackney Gelato are all about proper ingredients – their zesty Sicilian Lemon Sorbetto is made up of 22% lemon juice, freshly squeezed with amore from the finest Sicilian lemons. Plant based, naturally light and super refreshing – it’s like holding a lemon grove in your hand.

Their new Cappuccino Gelato uses an Arabica blend that reminded their founders of coffee back home. They also doubled the amount of fresh cream they’d normally use for this gelato. Slow churned as always by expert gelatieri, you can expect a super smooth, rounded cappuccino flavour with a gentle pick me up from the real coffee.

Handy sized tubs popping with flavour are perfetto for an on-the-go pick-me-up, a chill-out moment home alone, or just hanging out in the sunshine.

Hackney Gelato have received 31 Great Taste Stars to date and supply some of today’s most exciting restaurants, as well as shops and delis. Think Michelin-starred Brat, Manteca, and Som Saa. The brand’s founders Sam and Enrico, originally trained chefs, know that real flavour comes from using real ingredients. 

“We obsess over the small stuff,” said Enrico Pavoncelli, co-founder and Master Gelatiere. “Upping the ratio of cream to milk in the base of our Cappuccino gelato gives it an ultra creamy, whipped flavour. And we chose Sicilian lemonsfor our latest sorbetto because they deliver a riper, fuller flavour. We fine tune every recipe we make because it’s small details that make the difference between a good and a great ice cream.”

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