Hershey’s is teaming up with Pandora to create custom #SmoresLife mixtapes to listen to while making your favourite summer dessert – a s’more. #SmoresLife is about that s’more moment that creates a memory, a smile, a laugh, all smooshed between the graham crackers.

Pandora along with Hershey’s will offer a variety of mixtapes this summer to listen to as you gather around with friends and family to make and eat this classic treat. Whether you like country music, Top 40 songs, or throwbacks, enjoy your favorite music next time you make a s’more.

“We all have those heartwarming memories while making the perfect s’more,” said Alyssa Smith, manager for Hershey’s. “The ones that include the sound of laughter, the smell of a campfire, and the taste of that classic combination of a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar between a roasted marshmallow and graham crackers. Now that’s what we call a perfect #SmoresLife!”

The mixtapes will refresh throughout the summer, so be sure to check for your favourite tunes to go with the traditional summertime treat, s’mores.

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