Kwik Lok has released its 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, outlining the company’s commitments and quantifiable results to unlock opportunity, improve well-being, protect resources and foster innovation.

Two years ago, Kwik Lok announced its “Fresh Start” initiative to build on the company’s 60-year history of doing the right thing for employees, communities and the planet.

Now, Kwik Lok’s CSR report highlights the company’s next phase: “Path Forward.”. As part of this, the company plans to double down on its commitments to innovation, equity and social responsibility that are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Kwik Lok CEO Don Carrell said: “This year has been a year unlike any other. Recent global issues have highlighted opportunities for improvement, and by living our values daily, we believe Kwik Lok, our employees and our customers can be a significant force for good. Kwik Lok had a Fresh Start a few years ago, and I am enthusiastic as we look toward the Path Forward to build upon this momentum.”

The report also notes Kwik Lok’s 2025 commitments in opportunity, well-being, protection and innovation, including its goal to achieve zero waste and 20% carbon footprint reduction by 2025.

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