Nestlé has introduced Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos to the UK market as a brand-new way for customers to enjoy some of its popular confectionery brands.

Designed for sharing, each variety offers a combination of tastes and textures.

With Aero Combos, customers can indulge in Aero bubbles, chewy toffee popcorn and fudge bites. Rolo Combos include Little Rolos, chewy toffee popcorn and fudge bites. The third variety is Milkybar Combos, which come with Milkybar pieces, chewy toffee popcorn and crunchy milk chocolate digestive balls.

Brand Manager Cat Mews said: “Our new sharing range is all about offering consumers a deliciously different sweet snacking experience. We have taken three of our most popular confectionery brands and elevated them to the next level.

“Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos are mouth-watering mash-ups that deliver a unique mix of tastes and textures. Whether it’s a night at the cinema with the family, or a picnic with friends, Aero, Rolo and Milkybar Combos are a delicious treat for any occasion. We can’t wait for people to try them.”

Aero Combos are available in a 120g sharing bag, Rolo Combos in a 125g sharing bag and Milkybar Combos in a 110g sharing bag.

All three varieties are available at ASDA, but will be rolled out to other supermarkets, wholesale and convenience stores and value retailers from August onwards.