This year sees the arrival of a new British start-up company specialising in CBD chocolate. Leon Kennedy has teamed with his father, Angus Kennedy, Editor of Kennedy’s Confection, to launch a new brand of product that reflects the current mood of the “immensely frustrated lockdown consumer”

The new company, Freedom Street®, was founded in June 2020 and since then, has spent months developing what they claim to be the ultimate anti-stress evening chocolate product.

Leon Kennedy, Managing Director, who heads up the business told Kennedy’s: “After months of trials and tastings and experimenting with hundreds of different types of CBD in different formats with different grades of chocolate, we finally came up with a beautifully blended fresh cream CBD ganache – CBD that we believe is the best tasting CBD product in the world.

“There are already 8 million CBD fans in the UK that have been consuming CBD, which can taste very bitter. The response is very positive.”

The product was not easy to perfect, Leon explains: “As an ingredient, it was challenging to overcome the bitterness of CBD, which just kept dominating the flavour profile of the chocolate. Many people have not been able to work with such a strong flavour, not to mention the added complication of CBD’s tendency to crystallise during and following the manufacturing process. It’s a very sensitive ingredient.

“However, with the collaboration of my father Angus, whom many of Kennedy’s readers know as the Editor of Kennedy’s, well it just fell into place. He is a top chocolate expert and that was critical, so we just did it!”

Leon went on to say that they had “worked tirelessly” with an award-winning Swiss chocolatier and claims the results are “revolutionary”.

Sales of Freedom Street have started online in January 2021, with a complete range of milk, white and dark truffles. Each chocolate contains 35mg of CBD per truffle, which is unusually high by normal standards and contains as much as half the daily recommended government dose.

Freedom Street® was founded on “strong values of altruism” and “passion to help others.”

Leon was passionate about the brand values. He continued: “Well everyone knows the Kennedy’s to be outspoken, creative and altruistic and this reflects our unique family skills.

“When people ask us, “What is Freedom Street®?” the straight answer is, we are a brand that will set the world free from pain and worry and to allow for clear thinking and ‘dream actualization,” and with a good chocolate to boot.”

Angus Kennedy added: “I guess it was only a question of time before some of the younger generation came through. I am so proud of them all. Of course, I have been helping Leon and we all have some good friends in the industry, and it will be really nice to talk to people we know that might want to get involved in this exciting start up.

“I take CBD myself as it helps with joint pain and makes you sleep! Of course, the product has a lot of my writing to go with it. I am looking forward to talking to people in the industry that want to partner with us.”