MFG Tray is on a mission to eliminate wood starch trays in confectionery processing and introduce the new light weight starch tray.

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One of the leading manufacturers of reinforced composite starch trays, MFG Tray, is on a mission to eliminate wood starch trays in the manufacturing of gummy confectionery. MFG Tray’s new patent pending, newly designed, lighter weight starch tray will provide many of the benefits of the current trays. These benefits include dimensional stability, cleanability and long life at a reduced cost. This will enable customers who have, in the past thought, that composites were too expensive to enjoy the benefits of composite trays at a competitive to wood. 

In the early 1970s, MFG Tray found a gap in the confectionery industry – the need for a tray that lasted longer, was easy to clean and available at a reasonable price. In response to this need, the first composite starch tray was born. Before the introduction of the company’s composite trays, the only product available were wood trays, which has been the standard for many years. However, this product certainly has its problems. The sole reason for the development of the MFG composite starch tray was that the company knew it had the experience and knowledge to provide a tray that would generate a more efficient process for confectionery operations.  

The benefits of using the composite trays were quickly recognised. The only noticeable drawback was that the new product was costing roughly 1.5 times the cost of traditional wood trays.  As more companies tried the trays, this issue went away as they began to realise that the increase in production that was achieved, and not having to constantly replace the wood trays, made them have the best value.  

Wood is dead 

Now in 2022, MFG Tray is offering a new seamless moulded design, lighter weight starch tray with the same benefits as our current composite trays but at a reduced cost – competitive to wood.  

  • Price competitive  
  • Weight equivalent  
  • Secure stacking 
  • Consistent drying time 
  • Compatible with high-speed machines 
  • Expels moisture and starch residue 
  • Easy integration with standard FRP or wood 

MFG Tray Company has been a supplier of starch trays, holding trays, gum trays and stock boxes for the confectionery industry for more than 50 years. MFG Tray is continuously developing new products to better suit the industry. Within the last 5 years, MFG has launched many new innovative products such as X-DTect™, an x-ray detectable material for product line inspection to detect contamination down to 1 cubic mm. Last year, MFG Tray launched a composite lab tray designed to replace wood and this year – the new lighter weight starch trays. All of MFG Tray’s products offer several exclusive design, cost and performance benefits for confectionery operations that cannot be duplicated by other manufacturers. All materials used in the construction are listed I NSF Standard No. 2 and in the USFDA Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21. MFG Tray confectionery trays have been independently tested and certified per EEC Directives.