As of 26 October, Barry Callebaut’s Treat Tomorrow will offer new episodes and a new mini-series dedicated to food with health benefits.

In addition, a ‘monumental’ cacaofruit breakthrough is anticipated to be announced, which will be joined by renowned medical experts and pioneering brands.

Viewers can also expect a ‘Global Customer Gathering’ that will take place with all new mini-series and all new episodes. According to the Barry Callebaut Group, the gathering is part of its journey to ‘shape chocolate indulgence for the decade to come’ in collaboration with customers and experts.  

During Treat Tomorrow Live, a three mini-series will take the stage with topics such as: plant-craft in mini-series; The Garden Party; next-gen indulgence in Gen Zest for Life; and food with health benefits in a whole new mini-series called Nurturing my Nature. 

Pablo Perversi, Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Quality Officer and Global Head of Gourmet of the Barry Callebaut Group, commented: “With Treat Tomorrow, we aim to shift the dialogue with customers, brands and artisans. We are very pleased to see that over the past few months already 30,000 visitors joined the on demand Treat Tomorrow platform. We’re looking forward to an engaging Treat Tomorrow Live with thousands of customers.” 

Currently the Treat Tomorrow platform has 5 mini-series addressing 5 pressing consumer questions. The library will continue to grow. Each mini-series reflects on the subject from multiple perspectives: macro trends, food & health science, brand case studies, and next-generation consumer applications. Topics include health, next generation indulgence, plant-based, sustainability and the climate.

Registration for Treat Tomorrow is now open at: