Chocolatier Vandenbulcke has launched Petit Melo Caramel – the latest flavour its small melopralines.

Petit Melo Caramel has a double layer of ‘golden’ caramel chocolate and is finished with a caramel crunch. This gives the praline its full, slightly salty caramel taste and ‘luxurious’ appearance.

Petit Melo Caramel is available in supermarkets in Belgium, but also abroad. 
The pralines are supplied in colourful boxes in sizes of 40g (on the go), 85g (gourmet), 155g (retail) and 620g (catering). In addition to the new caramel flavour, the range also consists of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate raspberry and milk chocolate praliné.

Jelle Vandenbulcke, CEO of chocolatier Vandenbulcke, said: “We have been using our family recipes for over 71 years, but we are also investing in new industrial-level production lines. We also use sustainable chocolate from our own Bulckies World program.

“In this way we succeeded in bringing unique, contemporary creations to the market without sacrificing on taste and quality.”