Cargill has unveiled its new Bright White chocolate, designed to transform sweet treats into a ‘real eye-catcher’.

“Nearly 20% of consumers state that the visual appeal of a product is the key factor influencing their purchase decision,” said Cathrin Simon, Cargill’s Marketing Manager for chocolate.

“This reality gives new meaning to the saying that we ‘eat with our eyes.’” 

Consumer testing reveals that Cargill’s new white chocolate range ‘stands apart’ from other options, with 92% of consumers rating Bright White as noticeably whiter than the white chocolate currently on the market. 

“Historically, white chocolate actually meant cream-colored chocolate,” said Matthieu Rouvillain, Senior R&D Manager at Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate.

“Our new Bright White chocolate reimagines what is possible with a whiter-than-white recipe that truly dazzles.”

To achieve the extraordinarily white color, Cargill engineers selected ingredients and used patented, proprietary processes to lighten the colour profile. With the ideal ingredients in hand, the team then devised production processes and methodologies that maintain the line’s unique white color. 

While Bright White was created for its eye-catching visual appeal, it also delivers on other sensory attributes. Cargill’s recipe provides a round, balanced taste with a subtle vanilla flavour, and smooth, indulgent texture. Further, it aligns with other key consumer trends, as it is produced from sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa beans and contains no extra or artificial ingredients, enabling a label-friendly positioning. 

Perfect for enrobing and decorating, Bright White chocolate can be used in bakery, cereals, confectionery, dairy, decorations, cereals and similar applications. It will be available in solid, liquid and easy-melt formats.