Vegan-friendly chocolate brand, Firetree, has announced the launch of its first ever limited-edition range – The Innovations Collection.  

The Innovations Collection has been developed as an extension to Firetree’s core range of rich volcanic chocolate and will see five new variants to choose from, including a gluten-free oat milk bar. 

Firetree’s latest release showcases its most recent discoveries of ethically sourced, rare cocoa beans from remote volcanic islands in the Dominican Republic, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands.  

Each chocolate bar is high in cocoa content, ranging from 72% to 100% – offering levels of antioxidants for a positive health impact. The brand is disrupting the current luxury chocolate category by tapping into the demand for a healthier, natural and sustainable alternative to those currently on the market. 

Within the vegan-friendly collection, the chocolate makers have launched a plant-based milk chocolate alternative made from gluten-free oats, providing the smooth, buttery richness of toasted oats with Solomon Island single estate dark chocolate. 

Alongside Firetree’s mouth-watering ‘Oat’ milk bar, is the ‘Hispaniola, Dominican Republic’ with 72% cocoa and with spicy red fruit notes and a hint of green banana. 

Its ‘Indonesia, Seram Island’ chocolate bar has 72% cocoa, treacle, floral notes and tastes of toasted walnuts. 

The collections’ rarest bar, ‘Vanuatu, Malekula Island’ is crafted from the rarest cocoa beans found on Malekula Island, Vanuatu, with 100% cocoa. 

Finally, the ‘Vanuatu, Malekula Island 72 per cent with Cocoa Nibs’ is the only bar with inclusions and delivers a combination of roasted cocoa nibs laying on Vanuatu dark chocolate with hints of white grape, cherry and lemon aromas.