Hans Brunner boasts high-precision and reliable chocolate moulds for your business success.

On the one side Brunner offers a wide range of catalogue items for confectioners who work artisanal or with the help of small machines like spinning or one-shot machines. On the other side Brunner has been established as a leading supplier of high end, reliable chocolate moulds for industrial manufacturers with a high level of automatisation.  

Worldwide chocolate manufacturers trust in Brunner’s capability to produce extraordinary chocolate moulds with a long lifetime. Recently, investments were not only done for the latest generation of tooling- and mould manufacturing machines. Brunner also spent a lot of efforts and resources in research projects to understand the relevant manufacturing- and design factors to supply long lasting moulds.  

By using the two plastic manufacturing processes “injection moulding” and “thermopressing” we develop the best technical solution for our customer’s processes.  

Our moulds can be found worldwide in chocolate plants whether the process is classic tablet depositing, shell forming, one- shot, cold stamping or hollow chocolate spinning. 

In addition, we also develop intracompany handling systems like trays, cookie or wafer storage and feeding systems. These systems are not limited to the chocolate industry but can also be used in other areas of food processing or in other industries. 

All chocolate moulds and handling systems can be equipped with magnets, hinges, RFID- chips and other additional plastic or metal parts. As joining techniques, we use ultrasound welding, hot melt gluing, adhesive gluing, screw connection and click-in techniques.    

 All projects are performed in close cooperation with our customers. Our engineers have long term experience with the chocolate- and food industry and support our customers to develop the best solutions for their requirements.  

It is also important to mention that all of our major manufacturing process are performed by ourselves. This gives us the control over quality and delivery time and allows us to create reliable products that are supplied in the given timeframe. 

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