Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health), unveils its newest holistic approach to boosting wellness: “Connecting the dots: helping our customers adapt to the consumer’s mind”. The strategy focuses on discovering consumers’ unmet needs from a left lobe/science-based and right lobe/sensory-based perspective to provide the fullest value of nutraceuticals.

The left side of the brain focuses on science and clinical evidence, while the right side focuses on sensory experience. By gaining a deeper insight into these mechanisms, Lubrizol addresses product solutions that provide a stronger value proposition with science-backed, microencapsulated ingredients that tackle different categories of well-being.

To showcase the new approach, Lubrizol will unlock LIPOFER™ in a new highly concentrated iron-fortified gummy format. The flavourful, pectin-based treat illustrates how Lubrizol can connect the dots in the consumer experience by providing both indulgence and iron benefits in a single product. 

Lubrizol also invites booth visitors to enjoy a virtual zone where they can fully discover the benefits of microencapsulated iron.

Visit Lubrizol at Vitafoods Europe, Stand #D60

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Editor: Kiran Grewal