Next year thermoforming company Macpac celebrates half a century of packaging manufacturing their relationship with the confectionery industry featuring strongly over that period. In an industry where brands demand performance with outstanding packaging design the confectionery market has repeatedly chosen Macpac for bespoke innovative confectionery packaging design. 

With sustainability high on the agenda, adopting fine-tuned environmentally friendly bespoke pack should be at the forefront of any design process. Material choice, material content and recyclability have all to be considered to give the customer the most cost effective and environmentally efficient pack possible. 

Macpac work with R-PET, a material blended with more than 30% post-consumer/industrial recyclate thus avoiding the Plastic Packaging Tax which came into effect as of the 1st of April this year. R-PET is also 100% recyclable. 

With recyclability and the circular economy increasingly to the fore these environmental aspects have made Macpac a leading packaging manufacturer for key confectionery brands. 

Confectionery, more than any other sector, relies on eye-catching design for shelf appeal. From basic confectionery insert trays to more bespoke complex Easter egg inserts Macpac collaborates closely with customers to create designs that differentiate and stand out in a market where there is a super-abundance of competitor activity. Macpac is the preferred choice for many leading confectioners. 

A key benefit is that Macpac controls the entire process all under one roof from first concept, through to production tooling and product manufacture giving total control enables faster response to urgent customer demands. 

Macpac is BRC ‘AA’ accredited and a member of RECOUP. Achieving a British Retail Consortium Global Standard ‘AA’ for a 4th consecutive year is a tribute to the hard work of the team at the Stockport site. Importantly it further conveys a re-assurance of trust and compliance to the customers demonstrating Macpac’s continued commitment of the very highest standard.