Symrise has joined the international initiative AIM-Progress, which unites manufacturers and their suppliers committed to sustainability and respect for human rights through the supply chain.

AIM-Progress provides members with a forum for collaborative exchange, mutual audit recognition, continuing education and networking with similar initiatives.

This initiative will make it possible for Symrise to exchange information with customers and suppliers and will enable the development of joint strategies to make supply chains more sustainable and equitable quickly, efficiently and comprehensively.

Bernhard Kott, Chief Sustainability Officer at Symrise, commented. “Membership in AIM-Progress will help us to improve existing processes. Thanks to the mutual recognition of audits, we can, for example, assess our suppliers more quickly according to sustainability criteria.”

AIM-Progress has developed a four-stage process that checks compliance with common quality standards, among other things. This allows participating companies to see which suppliers have already been assessed and how, for example in terms of sustainability criteria and quality.

The initiative also looks at human rights compliance through the supply chain to help members develop meaningful auditing procedures for suppliers and establish opportunities for employee involvement and to ensure payment of fair wages.