Theegarten-Pactec has developed a special process called “suction supported sealing” that will allow chocolate products to be packaged more carefully whilst saving on materials to benefit the environment.

The sealing station developed by Theegarten-Pactec is located directly after the actual wrapping or packaging station. As soon as a product has reached the sealing station, the sealing tool moves to the product to be sealed at a distance of 0.5 mm to 1 mm. Negative pressure then causes the package to be sucked onto the sealing stamp.

The innovative technology can be easily integrated into the standard packaging machines of the Dresden-based company, with implementation being possible for various service areas and products such as chocolate bars and pralines.

This new technology offers numerous advantages: Material costs can be reduced by eliminating the need for aluminium laminate to dissipate heat and protect the chocolate. At the same time, negative environmental influences caused by the production of the material are reduced. In addition, there is no need for an unwinding unit for aluminium paper or aluminium-PP composites in the packaging machine. This saves set-up and adjustment times and makes the packaging process more stable and therefore less susceptible to faults.