Tony’s Chocolonely, the impact company sweetening the cocoa industry by fighting for 100% slave free chocolate, launches Littl’ Bits – a new munchable chocolate snack range in four flavours. Chocolate lovers can grab a handful and chow down on exciting flavour combinations in each bag. Despite their small size, Littl’ Bits create a big impact for cocoa farmers who are paid a fair price for their cocoa that enables a living income – lifting them out of poverty and ending exploitation in chocolate.

Making chocolate fairer, bit by bit

By launching this new chocolate range, Tony’s Chocolonely continues to show fans and other chocolate companies, that delicious and responsibly sourced chocolate can go together. 

Right now, 1.56 million children work under illegal circumstances on cocoa farms in West Africa. Poverty is the root cause of all illegal labour in cocoa, driven by an unequally divided cocoa chain. 

Tony’s Chocolonely has found a way to change that. To move out of poverty cycles, cocoa farmers need to earn a living income and receive the Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) for their cocoa. Tony’s Chocolonely pays the LIRP for their cocoa, which equals to 77–82% on top of what most other big chocolate brands pay for their cocoa. 
By paying farmers a price that enables a living income and by applying Tony’s proven 5 Sourcing Principles to their cocoa production, the impact company works to end exploitation in chocolate, bit by bit. With Littl’ Bits, fans can grab a handful of choc and support Tony’s mission to make chocolate 100% slave free with every bite.

Choc-full of flavours

Tony’s Chocolonely stirs things up with Littl’ Bits in both all-time-favourite bar flavours and new flavour combinations, presented in colourful (plastic-free) pouches. Chewy and crunchy cores are covered in a chunky layer of ethical and Fairtrade chocolate made from 100% traceable cocoa, for a drool-worthy and impactful choco experience. Choco Fans can try out these Littl’ Bits editions:

·     triple chocolate mix with milk, white and dark layered balls of chocolate

·     milk caramel sea salt & biscuit mix with crunchy butterscotch caramel and biscuits wrapped in thick milk chocolate

·     milk marshmallow & biscuit mix with chewy marshmallows and biscuits wrapped in thick milk chocolate

·     dark orange choco cookie with crunchy, orange-flavoured choco cookies wrapped in chunky dark chocolate (I’m vegan!)

Tony’s Chocolonely loves to share their chocolate and their story with all chocolate lovers. Littl’ Bits is no different: easy to grab by the handful, making them perfect for sharing (or munching solo). Next to their classic bars, Tiny’s and limited-editions — this marks a permanent new category introduction for the global impact brand. Excited fans can try Littl’ Bits for themselves from 31st July at Sainsbury’s, 7th August in Tesco and Tesco Express, 14th August in Asda and Coop and from 4th September in Waitrose, on Ocado and

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Editor: Kiran Grewal