Tony’s Chocolonely, the impact company on a mission to end modern slavery and child labour in the chocolate industry, now launches two much-anticipated new flavours as part of its Chocolate Love A-Fair with activist ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, Kennedy’s Confection learns. The launch celebrates values-led business, Ben & Jerry’s, committing to Tony’s Open Chain – announced last summer.

The two new Tony’s bars are inspired by two of Ben & Jerry’s classic flavours, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Strawberry Cheesecake.

The dark milk brownie bar is the perfect combo of Tony’s Chocolonely’s dark milk chocolate and brownie pieces. While the white strawberry cheesecake bar featuresTony’s Chocolonely’s white cheesecake-style chocolate paired with sticky strawberries and crumbly biscuits. Yum!​ 

The tasty new bars join Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour, Chocolatey Love A-Fair, that rolled into freezers during the match-made-in-changemaker-heaven launch last summer. The values-packed flavour is inspired by Tony’s best-selling milk caramel sea salt bar and available in both dairy and non-dairy!

The Chocolate Love A-Fair of these two impact companies, known for their shared passion for social justice, isn’t just a sweet deal for chocolate and ice cream fans – but also for cocoa farmers. Last summer, Ben & Jerry’s joined Tony’s mission to end the 30,000 cases of modern slavery and 1.56 million cases of child labour still present in the chocolate industry in Ghana and Cote d’ Ivoire today by committing to sourcing its cocoa from Tony’s Open Chain. 

The initiative helps companies take responsibility for ensuring a fully traceable cocoa supply chain and paying a higher price to address poverty, the root cause of social injustice for cocoa farmers.

This is the next step in Ben & Jerry’s cocoa journey. Now on top of paying a Fairtrade Premium and an additional Living Income Reference Price for their cocoa, Ben & Jerry’s will pay an additional fee to further support partner co-operatives in Côte d’Ivoire. As a Mission Ally, Ben & Jerry’s has also begun their conversion to fully traceable cocoa beans so they will not only get to know which farmers produce the beans that go into their chocolatey ice cream, but also under which social and environmental circumstances. Knowing this is crucial to provide social justice for cocoa farmers – and to enable dignified livelihoods. 

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Tony’s two new, limited-edition bars – dark milk chocolate brownie and white chocolate strawberry cheesecake – drop just in time for Valentine’s Day. Bars can be found at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Spar, WH Smith and Independents, and online at Ocado and Tony’s choco shop.

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Editor: Kiran Grewal