Fudge Kitchen have released their 2022/23 Giving Report, detailing their social and environmental impacts over the last year. The artisan confectionery producers raised over £15k in donations, the equivalent of over 35,000 impacts for projects around the world.  

In 2021 Fudge Kitchen partnered with giving platforms B1G1 and WorkForGood and have been able to provide an exceptional positive impact not only to the environment, but to local and community initiatives too.  

In 2022 they raised a record £15,615 for global causes, including B1G1’s Clean Earth Projects, The Buddy Bag Foundation and FareShare. By creating limited-edition flavours in-store for donations, the confectionery producers also managed to rapidly fundraise for some of the most important causes that the world faced, from the invasion of Ukraine to responding to the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan. 

Fudge Kitchen have been partnering with B1G1 for the last few years, a social enterprise encouraging a global business giving movement. Unlike traditional giving models, B1G1 works with businesses to achieve real and measurable social and environmental impacts by dedicating revenue from everyday business operations. Money donated can easily be linked back to micro-impacts that lead to a more sustainable future. 

Fudge Kitchens Marketing Manager, Richard Parson, said: “Measuring giving by impacts has given us the tools to encourage team and customer engagement in charitable fundraising in ways we’ve never been able to before. We’re able to contextualise the good that we and our customers do and see real value in it.” 

In April and July of 2022 Fudge Kitchen launched a limited-edition fudge, with all proceeds going to Direct Relief – a humanitarian aid organization working on the ground in Ukraine to provide urgent medical care & emergency response. Sales of their Lemon Meringue fudge, coloured yellow and blue in homage to the Ukrainian flag, raised just over £3k in a week.  

In June 2022, for National Fudge Day, the artisan confectioners ran fudge making experiences in their shops around the UK, with all proceeds going to the food charity FareShare. Fudge Kitchen waived the normal price of their fudge making experiences (usually from £95), and instead asked customers to pay a price they saw fit. In 4 days, they raised just over £1000 which contributed to over 4000 meals for communities across the UK.  

Alongside their monetary contributions Fudge Kitchen also introduced paid volunteering days for every team member across the business; allowing them the freedom to actively support good causes that mean a lot to them. Linsey, their Finance Manager,enrolled with the St. John Emergency Ambulance Crew – responding to casualty calls at events and supporting NHS 999 calls. Whilst Tia, from their shop in Bath, spent time with a local organic farm that specialises in providing learning opportunities for people with special needs, through social and occupational practices. 

Looking ahead to 2023 the fudge makers have selected the charities they’ll be supporting across three categories – local, community and environmental. The local charity is FareShare, the UKs dedicated food redistribution network, fighting to reduce food-inequality. The Community charity is the Neighbourly Foundation, an initiative that enables vital community projects and initiatives to receive funding. The environmental charity is Rewilding Britain – an innovative charity that promotes rewilding as an effective answer to some of the big environmental issues like climate breakdown and species extinction.

To find out more about Fudge Kitchen’s sustainability mission head to: https://www.fudgekitchen.co.uk/pages/sustainability  

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