Sweets and birthday parties go hand in hand, and to celebrate its birthday, lifestyle sports nutrition brand GHOST® teamed up with GNC to offer innovative performance supplements with nostalgic candy-inspired flavours.

Not here to pop any bubbles, GHOST® introduced fan-favourite pre-workout GHOST LEGEND® in BUBBLICIOUS® COTTON CANDY” (exclusively at GNC) and BUBBLICIOUS® “STRAWBERRY SPLASH.”  GHOST® ENERGY in BUBBLICIOUS® “STRAWBERRY SPLASH” is also back by popular demand and will be returning to GNC shelves while supplies last.

“As an extension of our longstanding partnership with GHOST®, and to kick off their birthday celebrations, we’re excited to add more memorable products to GNC shelves along with exclusive deals for consumers to stock up on favourite flavors,” said Kevin Maloberti, VP, Merchandising at GNC.

“GHOST® continues to develop innovative collaborations with nostalgic brands to break barriers and transport consumers to a different time in their lives. Together, we’re creating opportunities for consumers to fully customise their health and wellness routines with instantly recognisable flavours and next-level ingredients.”

In addition to BUBBLICIOUS®, GHOST® has launched the following SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavors exclusively at GNC.


“We’re pumped to celebrate our birthday with GNC by adding BUBBLICIOUS® and SOUR PATCH KIDS® flavours to our best-selling HYDRATION and LEGEND® product lines,” said Dan Lourenco, Co-Founder & CEO, GHOST®.

“Fusing science-backed nutrition and nostalgic flavours makes sense, because fitness should be about celebrating our health, not restricting what we love.”

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