Plamil has launched a new vegan chocolate website for professionals seeking vegan chocolate for baking, coating, decorating, and enjoying.

The new website has a wide range of vegan chocolates, that are dairy, gluten and palm oil free, sold in everything from 1kg upwards.

Products are made from certified cocoa that protects both the farmer and nature.

Plamil is a family business lead by the CEO Adrian Ling, known widely as the industry’s ‘Vegan Willy Wonka’.

The range includes a new micro drop format for all chocolate varieties, providing extra choice and options for professional use.

Adrian Ling, CEO commented: “We are excited to be launching as an extension of our offering of chocolates for professionals and industry.

“In addition, we are also launching on this new site, a range of oat milk chocolates. Now customers can purchase oat milk chocolate direct from us, a UK manufacturer, made using UK grown oats.

Like all Plamil products, the Veganchocolat range, are wheat and gluten-free with no possible milk contamination.

Check out the new website at