For over 95 years, Latini Hohberger Dhimantec Inc.; now led by Amrinder S. Dhiman [Raj Dhiman], has been a driving force in the confectionery industry, reshaping the way candies and sweets are manufactured worldwide. 
Managed by the fourth and fifth generations of the DhimanGroup, Latini Hohberger Dhimantec’s story is one of international collaboration and expertise. The fusion of Italian craftsmanship, German precision, and American innovation has resulted in a portfolio of confectionery machines that have become synonymous with excellence. This conglomerate, formed by the merger of Latini Products, Hohberger Manufacturing, and Dhimantec,, is a true embodiment of cross-cultural innovation. 

One of the most significant contributions of LHD to the confectionery industry is its pioneering work on the Lollipop & Coating Machines. This invention revolutionised the market by allowing the simultaneous formation and wrapping of lollipops, streamlining the manufacturing process and enhancing efficiency. The HLM and DPW lines developed by Latini have set new standards for the production of lollipops globally. 

The German expertise brought to the table by Hohberger Manufacturing Co. , established in 1926, further solidifies the conglomerate’s standing as an industry leader. Known for its mastery in manufacturing cooking equipment and the groundbreaking Starlight Automatic Stripped Extrusion machine, Hohberger’s contributions have set benchmarks that have stood the test of time. Hohberger Fondant Plants, a century-old industry standard, exemplify the company’s dedication to quality and durability. 

Dhimantec [DhimanGroup] since its establishment in 1944, has added its own legacy to the amalgamation. The company’s introduction of versatile and innovative solutions, such as Candy Sweet Forming Dies, Packaging & Wrapping machines and the Candy Forming Machines, has earned it the trust of leading confectionery manufacturers worldwide. 

With over 300 dedicated employees, LHD, Inc. stands as a strong presence in the confectionery equipment industry. The company’s commitment to R&D, underscored by its confectionery R&D unit, ensures that it remains at the forefront of technological advancements. The Training Centre, another key component, demonstrates the company’s dedication to knowledge sharing and skill enhancement, enabling industry professionals to harness the full potential of their equipment. 

Today, LHD offers a diverse portfolio that caters to various confectionery needs. From candies and toffees to gummies and chocolates, the company’s machines have become indispensable to manufacturers worldwide. Furthermore, its expansion into sectors like bakery ingredients, nutraceuticals, and even cannabis applications showcases its adaptability to changing market dynamics. 

As LHD looks back on its illustrious journey, it continues to pave the way for the future of confectionery manufacturing. The conglomerate’s legacy of innovation, quality, and collaboration stands as a testament to its enduring impact on the industry. 

With a dedication to excellence that spans generations, Latini Hohberger Dhimantec, remains a foundation of confectionery manufacturing, driving progress and shaping the sweets enjoyed by millions around the world. 

Number of employees: 300+ Worldwide 
Location (HQ): Elmhurst-Chicago, USA 
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