Thanks to their Product Innovation Centre based at the WDS headquarters in Rengsdorf/Germany WDS is today a solution partner, providing all services to transform a product idea into a successful product launch. Most projects start at the Product Innovation Centre where the WDS team of food scientists tests new product concepts using the WDS lab equipment.  

Globally, WDS is the only machinery manufacturer, who has been extremely successful in building moulding plants for jellies and chocolates for decades. This versatility together with a deep knowledge concerning complex molding processes have created a modern generation of molding plants for gums and jellies as well as chocolates which set new standards according to efficiency, hygiene, and product treatment: The demand has changed from large capacity lines for a dedicated product towards flexible lines which entertain multiple different products with a medium to large production capacity. 

Thanks to the large WDS machining-centre they have full control about the parts and assembly quality, especially when it comes to the heart-piece, the depositor. WDS also stands for excellent after sales service providing LifeCycleCare support, upgrades and retrofits of existing lines with new technology. 

Starchless plants 

For a couple of years WDS starchless production technology has been used very successfully for the manufacturing of toffees, fondant and jellies in silicone moulds.  

Referring to the rapidly growing market for OTC sweets, nutraceuticals and supplements with its high demands for hygienic production plants WDS has developed a new direction regarding the molding processes. ConfecECO and ConfecPRO enable a hygienic jelly production in polycarbonate moulds and an orderly demoulding. 

Mogul plants  

WDS is experienced in the production of jelly and gum (on pectin basis, gum arabic, gelatine, agar-agar, carrageen), as well as liquorice, fondant, cream, marshmallow foam and similar masses. A core expertise is the depositing of centre-filled products with e.g. a fruit paste filling. 

WDS Mogul plants focus on standardization as well as consistent modular design. The result are highly efficient, long-lasting quality machines. 


WDS serves small to large sized businesses with capacities from 200 kg/h to 7000 kg/h. The ConfecECO is the start-up line for the production of plain, center-filled bars, pralines and masses with inclusions. The ConfecPRO is a production plant for confectionery manufacturers who want to target a medium to high output quantity. Its modular design together with the decentralized electrical control ensures an easy future growth-oriented expansion at small expenditures. 


Under the motto “activate your candy”, WDS highlights its label sweetOTC, demonstrating how customers successfully open up new growth markets with nutraceuticals and supplements. For the OTC confectionery market, WDS optimises established plant technologies and develops them further with careful consideration of customer requirements and applicable regulations. WDS supports its customers from the idea to the finished product, which means from product development to customised production processes, exact dosing to perfect, hygienic and GMP-compliant production with WDS plants. 

Number of employees: 350 
Location (HQ): WINKLER und DÜNNEBIER Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH, Ringstraße 1, 56579 Rengsdorf, Germany 
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Contact Details: Ralf Hübner, Head of Sales,