As a specialist in secondary packaging and robotic systems, Cama Group offers completely integrated packaging lines from primary packages up to final packaging.

Cama Group, established in 1981, with its unique range of packaging machines and robots, is a fast-growing leading supplier of advanced technology end-of-line packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions. 

Cama solutions are present in different countries thanks to the branches in France, Holland, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and China  

We apply all-round robotics. We successfully apply this technology to confectionery, bakery, sweets, chocolate, coffee, ice cream, dairy, packs of pet food but also for the well-being and personal care, from packaged products to the so-called naked ones. Robotic automation improves flexibility and productivity in feeding by simplifying complex procedures such as packaging for online sales.  

We are specialist in the secondary packaging and use robotic systems for flexible solutions with high productivity.  

We offer completely integrated packaging lines from primary packages up to final packaging ready for palletising and serve Food (Bakery, Confectionery, Coffee, Ice Cream, Dairy, Ready Meals, Grocery), Non-Food (Personal, Health & Home Care) and Pet Food industries.  

Our comprehensive machine portfolio comprises covers all possible packaging formats so you don’t need to compromise. We will have a concept, style, speed, throughput and size that perfectly matches your product and your application. 

These solutions have been developed over decades to meet the precise needs of multiple industries. We then take these experiences and domain expertise and put them into every machine we make! 

Full industry 4.0 capabilities with smart automation, electronic axis control and fully integrated in-house developed robots for the core of lines, standalone and monobloc modular architectures that adapt to what you need now and why you will need in the future. 

Premium technology, cabinet-free frameworks and hygienic design principals are coupled to an easy-to-follow visual machine management system, backed by extensive immersive technology and remote access capabilities. We are ready for your packaging challenges. 

The confectionery industry uses a huge range of packaging styles, arrays and formats, so you need packaging technology that doesn’t stand still. You need a partner that can help you not only keep up with market demands, but also take the lead. 

Containers, flowpack, tablets, bars… on edge, flat, vertical… cases, cartons, boxes, trays – the combination are limitless and so are our capabilities! 

Then, when the market changes, quick changeovers help you adapt and get to market quicker. 

Our value pack is based on: Packaging Consulting, Project Management, Sustainable Efficiency, After Sales Service and support. 

Cama Packaging Department offers more than 30 years of experience in the design and testing of packaging paperboard and cardboard. We study the best possible packaging solution in relation to the product characteristics, packaging materials and the end user’s requirements, including both sustainability and reducing material costs. 

We can help you design eye-catching packaging concepts, and then design, build and deliver the technology that will create these concepts… accurately, repeatedly and at speed. We invest every year more than 5% of annual turnover in R&D and into Industry 4.0. Learn more here: 

Number of employees: 250 
HQ: Via Como 9 -  23846 Garbagnate Monastero – LC 
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Paola Fraschini Marketing Manager