The Yumy Candy Company Inc. has announced it will roll out its low-sugar better-for-you confectionery products into IGA, an American chain of grocers that operates in 41 different countries with over 5,000 stores. Established in 1926, IGA has established itself as one of the most successful franchised grocers in the world.

Founder and CEO Erica Williams stated: “we are very proud to be launching our Yumy Bears at IGA, one of the world’s leading grocers. The principals of supporting local is one of our core principals and we have had outstanding support from British Columbia and even further in Canada as a whole. As we continue to grow to foreign markets in the coming period, we will continue to carry the principals of customer satisfaction and value moving forward.”

With over 194 stores in Canada, IGA has become one of Canada’s leading grocery store chains. IGA is further expanding its model with IGA Extra, which are larger stores and carry a wider variety of general merchandise, more akin to the hypermarket model. They include a pharmacy, large bakery, a bank, a bistro, a post office, and a larger selection of food items. By implementing the IGA Extra model, the company expects a significant increase in customers.

“IGA is becoming a destination location that fulfills all consumer needs, and with our products we feel we are going to become a necessity product; one which consumers are going to start going out of their way to fill their consumption needs. Confectionery has long been a mainstay to people’s nutrition and consumption, and we feel we are the logical evolution of confectionery due to our health benefits and our flavour profile,” stated Williams.

The Yumy Candy is an affordable health-conscious low-sugar plant-based confectionery company based in Vancouver, British Columbia and it has developed a portfolio of healthier gelatine-free candies made from non-GMO ingredients with proprietary recipes. All of its products are free of gelatin, soy, gluten, nuts, dairy, eggs, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and genetically modified organisms.

Image credit: Yumy Candy Co

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